Lighthouse In Saint Joseph, MIFrank has vast experience working with local officials on matters ranging in complexity from simple land use issues to complex developments that require precise knowledge of virtually all aspects of municipal law. Frank often attends public meetings and brings a calm, deliberate thought and comment to the municipal decision making process, with the goal of building consensus, while minimizing controversy and unnecessary distraction. Frank has prosecuted nuisance, ordinance violations and municipal civil infractions. He has also prepared water and sanitary sewer municipal contracts, and numerous ordinances over the years. His litigation strategy is goal-oriented and always cost conscious.

Some of Frank's municipal practice specialties include: 

  • Planned unit developments
  • Ordinance drafting and enforcement
  • Land use, zoning and land division
  • Election law issues, millage elections, and ballot language
  • Annexation defense and detachment representation
  • Development and extension of municipal sewer and water systems
  • First Amendment questions and privacy issues
  • Municipal litigation
  • Special land use permits
  • Variance matters
  • Labor relations and employment law
  • Environmental regulation and compliance
  • Utility franchises and telecommunications
  • Contracts, licensing issues and operating policies
  • Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act issues
  • Creation and representation of municipal authorities


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