Practice Areas

Business Law

As a business owner, your focus is on keeping your customers happy. But as you build a successful company, there are times when you will need the expertise of a business lawyer. Our firm can guide you through complex decisions from start-up to expansion to business succession planning.

Elder Law

As you or a loved one grows older, you want to ensure that your rights and dignity are respected. Our firm can assist you in many ways. We can help safeguard your life savings and maximize your Medicaid benefits. Protect your rights at home or in care facilities. And assist you with your will and probate matters.

Estate Planning

It is never too early to make an estate plan. This is the surest way to protect your hard-earned assets, carry on your legacy and financially benefit your family and favorite charities. Our firm can help you customize your will or trust. We can establish a guardian for your children or a plan for your loved one with special needs.

Real Estate

Are you buying or selling a home or business? Developing a mixed resident/retail complex? Creating a new subdivision? Our firm can oversee the legal work involved. We can review the contracts and head-off problems with leases. Assist you with zoning or environmental issues. And help settle property disputes, too.


Whether you need legal assistance with running your business, purchasing or selling property, writing an estate plan or administering a trust, we can help you. Let’s set a time when we can talk.