A good portion of our practice is devoted to real estate transactions. We provide our business owner clients, individuals, families, developers, sellers, buyers, real estate professionals and title companies with a complete range of real estate services and counsel in all matters of real estate.

Our office handles nearly all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, including advising clients on the content of purchase agreements, guiding them through development issues, including zoning matters, deed restrictions, title issues, unwanted encumbrances, environmental compliance as well as financing issues that come up from time to time.

In this day and age, residential real estate transactions are complicated, involving not only title issues, but covenants and deed restrictions, easements, environmental contamination, encroachments, adverse possession issues, and the list goes on. You need an experienced real estate attorney to assist in addressing these and other matters that come up during transactions and our office is comfortable guiding you through these issues based on our experience.

As business lawyers, we help our clients sell or obtain the desired property while meeting their goals or requirements for their business. We can also assist you when it comes to either leasing or obtaining adequate retail space and in the construction of your building after you acquire your property. We can assist you in the preparation of the construction contract you will need when you locate your builder. We have the experience to handle very complex real estate acquisitions and leasehold interests. From negotiating the purchase price to protecting the buyer or seller’s interest and minimizing risks. We not only have a thorough understanding of the transactional end, our attorneys also have experience in tax issues, uncapping, homestead and transfer tax exemptions that come up from time to time. A well written purchase agreement which clearly define rights and obligations of the buyers and sellers and which sets the table for the balance of the transaction is arguably the most important document in a transaction should not be left to anyone but an experienced transactional attorney.


Whether you need legal assistance with running your business, purchasing or selling property, writing an estate plan or administering a trust, we can help you. Let’s set a time when we can talk.